What's Your WHY?

Earlier this week, I was reflecting on why I started this blog in the first place. I remember the fear, frustration, and utter confusion that came with my initial diagnosis. I felt hopeless. At a loss of what to do. Social media wasn't was it is now. Grocery stores had only a few offerings in select locations. Going gluten free seemed impossible with a mere two weeks until I moved away from my parents for the first time to start college.

But yet, I slowly started to figure things out. I found a few books, and soaked in all of the information I could. When I got to school, I met a dietician and worked with her on meal planning, and life started to fall into place.

As I grew to understand and eventually appreciate my celiac disease, I had others turning to me for insight -- like I was some sort of professional, because they too felt inundated with the lifestyle change. 

As more and more people looked to me for guidance - I knew that I had to take my skill set in writing, cooking, and communicating and turn it into something of value for all of them and all of those to come. And that's how the blog was born.

However, I knew I wasn't the only one with this story. 

So I reached out to the celiac community on social media and asked them to share their WHY, too. To no surprise - I was flooded with feedback. So much so that it only made sense to reiterate that sentiment again in one long-form piece of content. A piece to remind those newly diagnosed that there is a close-knit, group of people across the globe there for you, willing to help at a moment's notice.

Here are there stories. . . .

Why Do You Blog About Celiac Disease?



My Celiac Lifehttps://www.myceliaclife.ca/  - Toronto, Canada

Helping people and raising awareness is so important! In a world where there’s advertisements pushing GF life, and people are newly diagnosed and navigating false advertisements and not 100 percent GF for a celiac, it is just so hard! This also motivates me to continue to raise awareness and educate others on the severity and intensity of celiac disease!!! Thank you for all that you do!! 

For Gluten Sakehttp://forglutensake.com/ - South Korea

A. You are the cutest!!! 😘 B. I love all these stories C. So many reasons to my why!! But lately it has been genuinely helping people, stepping into sharing my stories of complete transformation from massive depression and misery to thriving, and encouraging others that they can do the impossible!! We are all in this together and I’m so driven by the people I get to connect with and help. 💗

Maximize With Mattie - https://maximizewithmattie.weebly.com/ - St. Louis, MO

All the above reasons you mentioned, but mostly I just enjoy posting/seeing others food pictures for recipe inspo etc. The health realm of it all is wildly intriguing, esp since we’ve always been taught the age-old food pyramid, which is crap. 😂

Eat With Raf - https://rafiakanji.com/ - Toronto, CA

The food and recipe creating are therapy for me. But I want to help others cuz it was so hard for me. Not only to go GF and find safe food. But even to have people close to me understand and take it seriously. I slowly realized that people who weren't going to accept me for my auto immune weren't worth it. But I know people face the same issues today too. And I want to help them. It's funny. Often because we don't have an anaphylactic reaction or look sick. People don't think we are.

Celiac and the Six - https://www.instagram.com/celiacandthe6ix/?hl=af - Toronto, CA

Recently I had to help a director at my office seek advice for his newly diagnosed wife. She’s a nurse and terrified that she can’t enjoy dinners out anymore. Aside from helping others this community helps me find safe restaurants to eat at while I’m travelling and puts me at ease. I love this community both for the benefits I can give to others and how I can actually help myself too!

Gfree Genius - https://www.gfreegenius.com/ - Hernando, MS

If my son and I are having these problems, then other people are too! My hope is that the information I share helps others overcome the same obstacles we have encountered (school, parties, travel, and bad gf food).

Celiac Snacks - https://www.instagram.com/celiacsnacks/ -  Nashville, TN 

Same reasons as you! I also loving sharing recipes and finding recipes and genuinely seeing what products and foods people are enjoying. It’s nice to have an online community when you don’t have anyone in real life who is celiac. Plus it’s fun!

Mama Knows Gluten Freewww.mamaknowsglutenfree.com -  Florida

Same reason here my friend! I want to share my journey so that it may help others with theirs. I understand the struggle and share the recipes I make for my family. Everyone deserves to be able to eat safely and enjoy the foods they love. I love being able to share one of my love languages, which is cooking and baking. I am so blessed to be part of this community and be connected with bloggers that have the same heart. 💕I blog over at www.mamaknowsglutenfree.com

I'm Emily Bean - https://www.instagram.com/im.emily.bean/ - Boston, MA

SAME!!! I was diagnosed in a time where there were so few products and I felt really lost. It’s nice to have someone who’s been there!

The GF Guru - http://gfguru.org/ - New York, NY

100% yes!!! Same! I do it to share resources, to help others dealing with celiac disease and other chronic illnesses. For me, community is everything -- it's a source of learning, education, and support. If I can help one person on their journey back to health then that means the world to me. That's exactly why I'm doing this.

For the Love of No Gluten - http://fortheloveofnogluten.blogspot.co.nz/ - New Zealand 

I blog because everyone should know that there are delicious foods out here for all of us! I was diagnosed with Celiacs right before I left to study abroad! Although it changed a big part of my eating habits, I quickly came to realize that I’ll be okay without my favorite pasta. Gluten Free is changing my mind and my body! It’s a transformation. So willing to encourage all who love food, Celiac and not! Check my blog out at www.fortheloveofnogluten.blogspot.co.nz

Gluten Free Mollie D - https://www.glutenfreemollied.com/ - Boston, MA

I blog because I think it’s important for the world to know that Celiac Disease is very real and is serious business, but that doesn’t mean your life is over! Far from it! I share our nightly home-cooked meals to prove that you can use any recipe you like and easily make it gluten free - and many are naturally GF already! Yes, it can be difficult to go out to new restaurants, but there are more and more GF-specific spots all over and if you just do a little research, then it’s pretty easy to find somewhere to go and have delicious, safe food. It feels incredible when friends tell me they share my blog with others they know with Celiac. The Celiac community is growing and the more info we can share with the world, the better!

Got_Celiac - https://kelly-valenza.squarespace.com/ - New Jersey

To let people know they’re not alone. To help people realize a Celiac diagnosis isn’t a death sentence, it’s the beginning of a new, happier life! To be a resource for those who don’t know where to turn to. To help guide people towards better and safer products so they don’t make the same mistakes I did and get themselves sick. To share my story of a cancer diagnosis, depression, anxiety, and pure fear of eating out, and letting them know they can beat all of it, one step at a time. www.gotceliac.com 😘💕

MI Gluten Free Galhttp://miglutenfreegal.com/ - Flint, MI 

I've always felt passionate about trying to help others on their celiac journey. I'm the chairperson for our local celiac support group, and our local gastro gave someone newly diagnosed my phone number. (Which I previously agreed to!) After talking to her and hearing her story, so told me "For the first time in my life I have HOPE" that I can feel better. It was humbling and heartbreaking that it took a "layperson" to help her after a decade of illness. I always welcome people to message me privately to ask any questions, day or night. And if I don't know the answer (as I am not a medical professional) I will try my hardest to direct them to someone who can. ❤ forgot to mention I do have a blog, but people can find the link to it in my IG profile.

Chronically Gluten Freehttps://chronicallyglutenfree.com/ - Chicago, IL

Same reason as you! To help and support others. I learned a lot about celiac from other bloggers that came before me and I wanted to be able to do the same for others! I've known since I was about 18 years old that my purpose in life is to help others, I just never knew how or doing what. Shortly after I discovered that, my health took a major nosedive and began my LONG journey towards a diagnosis. When I finally got an answer - I spent the next 6 months learning and researching everything I could about CD. I had been contemplating starting a blog for quite some time but never knew what it would be about. One day it all just clicked for me and thats when Chronically Gluten Free was born! 😊 It has been wonderful so far and this is only the beginning for me. To just know that I am even helping one person makes me feel good! 💜

Sweet Isabella's Cupcakeryhttp://www.sweetisabellascupcakery.com/ - Vida, OR

My now 8 year old was diagnosed with celiac when she was only 20 months old. My whole house/family all eats gluten free so there is no risk of cross contamination and so she never feels deprived. She’s also the reason I started my gluten free baking business (and named it after her)

Mills.Cara - https://climbingmymountains.com/ - Albuquerque, NM

I was diagnosed with Celiacs last year after most-likely having it since my mid to late teens (I’m almost 40)...no one else seems to be and I keep failing at trying not to eat all the things that hurt me and then I’m miserable (like I’ve been for years). I’ve got to get better!!!

Celiac_Mama - http://celiacmama.com - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Same! I blog to help others because I remember how overwhelmed and lost I felt when my daughter was diagnosed at 2. Now I focus on helping others make the transition more smoothly and offer a lot of lifestyle tips for raising gf kids in addition to yummy kid-friendly recipes. For the kiddos, i find that self confidence can be an issue when they’re often in situations where they feel left out, so there’s a lot to do to help them realize how awesome they are. I am so thankful for this community!

Want to share your celiac story? Share your WHY in the comments below.

If we want to continue increasing awareness and grow this community, we need to speak up