Touchdown! 3 Tips To Avoid Getting Glutened At Your Super Bowl Party.

On this day each year, the average American consumes 2,400 calories in a span of 4-5 hours. No it’s not Thanksgiving or Halloween, though I’m sure the calorie count is still up there. No, my friends, I’m talking about Super Bowl Sunday – a day dedicated to booze, guac, chips, ads, and the pigskin.

It’s that time of year again. Yes, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.  Get excited people! The Patriots are taking on the Falcons, and Celiacs everywhere are suiting up to attend parties filled with gluten galore.

Yes, your friend may have made that paleo spinach dip or brought gluten friendly football shaped cupcakes, but as those accustomed to the g-free lifestyle know, cross-contamination can still knock you down for the count if you aren’t careful.

So that’s where I come in . . . Victory is so close, you can almost taste it. However, you’ve got to be prepared. So I’m calling a TIMEOUT.

Huddle up gang, and take these three tips to heart, and we’ll all come out on top…


1.Host The Party At Your House

The number one way to avoid cross-contamination is to host the party at your place. It’s the safest option yet. You will know what you prepared, and everything is cooked on and with your utensils.

You can ensure double-dipping is avoided, by buying separate dips and chips. In fact, you can even label dishes as gluten free so your friends and family will know to remain cautious.

Another added bonus is that you control the set-up. Put items that your friends bring that may contain wheat and other gluten-unfriendly additives away from the naturally g-free options that could catch the crumbs of your guests goodies.

2. Prep Your Own Game Day Snacks

So, you don’t have the plasma or the space to host this year’s game day get together. No problem. You can always bring your own goodies. There are lots of g-free options that will keep you from eyeing that slice of pizza, toasted rav, or that deep-fried dish gluten lovers can’t get enough of.

Depending on your level of culinary skills this can be as simple as going to grocery store and picking up a bag of Tostitos and a can of salsa or as adventurous as prepping one of those fruit and veggie trays that are laid out like a football field straight from Pinterest. You know we all have that one friend…

Here are some of my favorites from other bloggers that vary on the level of skill and/or bandwidth necessary to come prepared.


3. Stick To Naturally Gluten Free Options

Alright, so you were taken hostage and forced into attending a Super Bowl Party, or you simply didn’t come prepared and didn’t have time to grab something prior to the soiree. Not worry. We can still make this work.

Look for naturally gluten free goodies like veggie and fruit trays that someone picked up at the supermarket. Those won’t be laid out on a tray that the host potentially had sliced bread on before. Don’t forget the cheese trays too if you aren’t lactose-intolerant, too!

Also go for chips and dips that are still in their store bought containers, so you can take a peak at the label for ingredients. Good news is that most store-bought tortilla chips, potato chips, salsas, and guacs are naturally gluten free.

Also opt for grilled foods. Grab a burger and throw it on some lettuce. Or if you’re like me and always eat chili when watching football, ask the host what’s in it. That should be safe as well. Just make sure to double check!

Regardless of your situation. If you ask questions, come prepared, and steer clear of the grains, you my friend will avoid getting glutened at your Super Bowl Party this year.