Showering Our Little Pumpkin

As I’m sure many of you know reading this, my sister is pregnant, and I mean really pregnant. She’s almost at the 8-month point and ready to pop. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there with her through her 9-month journey to motherhood, because she lives 5 and half hours away.

Though I couldn’t experience it the way I’d always hoped I could, I knew I had to do something to make myself involved in her pregnancy. Thus, I used my knack for event planning to throw her the baby shower of her dreams.

Since, she’s due December 1st, rule of thumb says you have it 6-9 weeks out from the estimated date of birth, so October was what I had in mind.

October. What’s the first thing that comes to mind. Pumpkins right? Exactly.

Thus the Pumpkin Shower thing had to become reality, and let me tell you. It sure did.

As I mentioned, in my former post on maple glazed trail mix (which I single handedly devoured by myself), we had a brunch filled with all kinds of fall flavors.

We had 4 egg dishes — one completely paleo that was filled with spinach, squash, sausage, and peppers; two with sausage and potatoes; and another with ham and cheese, a hashbrown casserole, biscuits with apple butter, three varieties of muffins — carrot/apple spice, cinnamon streusel, apple oat/quinoa, pumpkin bread, fresh fruit, and bowls filled with fall m&m’s, candy corn, and my beautiful trail mix.

Oh and let’s not forget about Jen’s favorite fall dessert — pie. Pumpkin, Pecan, and Caramel Apple. A dream come true for my pregnant sister.

Aside from eating all morning, we spent the morning catching up, laughing, and crafting. We completed a number of activity cards and even created an alphabet book for our future little pumpkin. We placed our bets on names (since she won’t tell a soul), guessed the height and weight, and offered our advice to the mom-to-be.

We also, watched my sister open dozens of gifts. And boy, did this girl get her share of goodies. She got diapers, nursery furniture, a high chair, books, clothes, toys, and so much more.

Actually one of the most common themes of goodies she received, was a gift she didn’t even ask for. My dad’s side showered her future son with Giants football clothes. It’s almost as if we forced the fandom upon her and my nephew.

In hindsight, we couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was filled with love and laughter, and most importantly lots of good food (yes – we are all still eating leftovers…)

All I know is, December 1st can’t come soon enough. It’s safe to say our family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little pumpkin into our kin. Lucky for him, he’s making his entry into a family that will love him unconditionally and one that will spoil him to death — especially his Aunt Erika.