Chicago's GLUTEN FREE EXPO is Back!

It’s that time again! The sun is shining (mas o menos), the weather is turning, and city folk are finally venturing out of their apartments to experience that sweet summertime CHI — or in this case first/second spring.

Around this time of year, Chicago hosts one of the largest food expos for food allergy folks in Schaumburg, Illinois — a suburb right outside of the city limits.. Newly branded as the Nourished Festival, this two-day food fest is a dream come true for anyone with a gluten allergy, intolerance, celiac disease, or other autoimmune that limits the “normal people” food you can eat. Vendors come near and far offering FREE SAMPLES, coupons, and test out new product ideas on consumers like you and me.



This year is already shaping up to be bigger and better than last year’s event. Hundreds of brands have signed up to set up shop, and new this year are several designated food sections — i’m talking not just gluten free brands people — there will be distinct keto, plant-based, paleo (bless up), and nut free sections - so easier navigation for those with specific dietary constraints. You best believe I’ll be posting up in the paleo section.

Aside from the free food - one of the best parts and frankly overlooked aspects of this annual event is the community focus. My favorite part of this event (aside from the free food…) is catching up with old friends, fellow bloggers, and meeting new faces and followers — especially those new to celiac! It’s a rare occurrence when our kind get to meet and mingle in a setting where we can actually eat all of the things.

THE DEETS - Date, Time, Place, & More…

This year the Nourished Festival is on June 1 and June 2nd at the Schaumburg Convention Center from 10am to 4pm each day.

I’ll be there on Saturday, June 1st and guess who else will be joining me — my MOM! (Fingers crossed I can get her to buy me a few goodies…).

And guess who’s giving away free tickets?!?!? THIS GIRL.

You want to hang out with my mom and me and eat free food?? I think yes. Shoot me an email —