IT'S BACK: The Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo

It's that time of year again. No, not Spring – I live in Chicago people. No, It's time for the Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Expo (GFAF) in Schaumburg (a Chicago suburb about an hour northwest of the city). 

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We are a little over a month away from the FOOD-FILLED FUN! Mark your calendars. This year, the GFAF is April 7th and 8th and goes from 10am to 4pm both days at the Schaumburg Convention Center. 

As one of – if not THE – largest special dietary consumer event(s) in the country, the GFAF Expo welcomes hundreds of allergy-friendly vendors, consumers, and health fanatics for a weekend full of food, fun, and lots of learning. It's a celiac blogger's dream come true! 

Open to the public, the GFAF Expo allows those living with gluten sensitivities, autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, autism, and other food allergies a chance to meet and mingle with allergy bloggers, brands, and others in their community living wheat-free. It also exposes the public to brands dedicated to feeding and educating our kind. 

Looking at the lineup of exhibitors for the 2018 GFAF Expo – I'm pumped. This year brings both familiar and new faces. In fact, I was floored by the number of brands I didn't recognize that will be setting up shop at this year's Expo.  

As a blogger, I feel like I am more aware of allergy-friendly brands than your Average Jane, but I actually think there are more I'm not familiar with attending this year than ever before. Which, for me, is INCREDIBLY EXCITING. Why you ask?  

New Brands = New Competition 

With more gluten free options on the market, product quality goes up and product price goes down (if my economics brain serves me right).  

I remember when I first was diagnosed. Nearly 8 years ago. Back then, we had one option for bread. If you dropped it on the counter, it sounded like a load of bricks and frankly didn't taste much better than that. 

These days though, bread is soft, without holes. Wraps (yes, we have wraps now) can fold without breaking in half. I never thought I'd see the day. 

Between you and me, I'm most excited to meet with some of these newer faces. I prefer sampling the David's over the Goliath's, helping them generate buzz. And trust me, I'll let each of you know which ones are worthwhile to try. Who knows maybe a few lucky followers will even get some FREE Products from little old me? (HINT HINT) 

But hey, why not come for yourself? I've got FIVE tickets up for grabs. Just say the word and they are yours. 

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Already got a ticket? Who are you most excited to see? Share with me in the comments below.