10 To-Do’s For Your Fall Bucket List

It’s that time of year. The temperatures is dropping. The leaves are changing. Starbucks just brought back the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Fall is Coming. (GOT) No, Fall is here. In fact, it officially starts tomorrow – September 22nd.

So, in lieu of the basic, white girl holiday, I created a list of ten things that I’d like to accomplish before the first snowfall (well maybe not in Chicago – that could be tomorrow for all we know . . . but by the time I’m headed home for Thanksgiving). That’s fair, right?

Anywho, I digress.

Here are 10 things that I intend to cross off of my fall bucket list this year.

2017 Fall Bucket List:

1. Attend the Lincoln Square Apple Fest

Luckily, this won’t be too much of a challenge for me. My sorority’s Alumnae Chapter has planned the October event around the occasion. It is hands down the best fall festival in the City! I’ve gone every year since I moved to Chicago.



2. Paint a Teal Pumpkin and Hand Out GF Treats


As many of you know, a child with any type of food allergy isn’t too fond of Halloween. Who wants to go door to door just to receive treats they can’t eat. Luckily, allergy kids and moms know to scout out houses with a teal-painted pumpkin on the front porch for safe treats.

Want to participate? Here’s my list of Allergy Friendly Candy you can offer up!


3. Make A Recipe With Pumpkin

I’m torn on this one. I feel the safe bet is to do a baked good like a bread, muffin, or sweet treat which are always divine, but the other half of me wants to try to make a pumpkin chili. Maybe I’ll do both?? Decisions. Decisions.



4. Bake a GF Fall Themed Pie and Give It Away

As the holidays are a time of gratitude and giving, I always try to make a point to do something to give back and/or pay it forward. This year, I’m thinking to bake a pie (GF of course from scratch) that I can give to a friend or acquaintance who is going through a hard time. That and I’ve always wanted to just give one to a random person I rarely know like a neighbor. Maybe a homeless person.

Realistically it will end up being all of the above. The more pie, the merrier, ehh?!



5. Sip on Hot Apple Cider

Hot or cold. It’s my guilty pleasure. (That and candy corn.) I could drink a whole jug in one sitting. I better invite a few gals over to share, so I don’t down it all at once.




6. Test Out New Recipes With Acorn, Butternut, and Spaghetti Squash

I usually buy butternut and spaghetti squash year round, so I am challenging myself to do acorn squash. I’ve seen one recipe in particular I’m anxious to try that involves ground sausage and acorn squash, but hey, if anyone has tips or favorite ways to prepare their squash – please share in the comments below!

7. Tailgate at a Football Game

This will likely be the most challenging but I think I could swing a tailgate at Northwestern game. If not, I guess I could always pretend to like the Bears.

My backup, backup is to host my own affair in celebration of the Giants. I might just have to do both!

8. Make (and Eat) Caramel Apples

My mom and I had a serious conversation about the best variety of apples. We both agreed Granny Smith are the worst, but we can tolerate them with caramel. Therefore, caramel apples are a must. Who wants to join me?!?


9. Host or Participate in a Chili Cook-off

I seriously think I make a mean bowl of chili. So this has been a non-fall related bucket list item of mine for years. I’m going to make this happen. Mark my words.

Chicagoland Chili Cook-Offs – You’ve been warned.

10. Host A Fall-Filled Movie Night

Okay, so I’m not about the scary movie life at all, but who doesn’t love a good ol’ Charlie Brown flick? And you, can’t forget Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, the quintessential Thanksgiving comedy.

Plenty of fall candy, popcorn, and laughs to be had! Got to love me some Steve Martin and John Candy.

What’s on your bucket list this fall? Got any fun things planned or new recipes you’re itching to try?

Share away in the comments below.